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We're Not from Here

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2019

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Answer Key

Chapters 1-4

Reading Check

1. Giant bugs (Chapter 2)

2. Home, Sweet Home (Chapter 5)

Short Answer

1. In the 20 years since the humans requested to live on Choom, the Zhuri government has changed. The current government believes humans are too violent. (Chapter 3)

2. The previous Zhuri government invited the humans because of their art and music. The current government invites Lan’s family because they are curious about Ila’s singing. (Various chapters)

Chapters 5-8

Reading Check

1. Fear (Chapter 6)

2. Inspiring emotion (Chapter 7)

Short Answer

1. It is not polite to ask about a smell, especially when a Zhuri is trying to hide that smell. (Chapter 6)

2. The Zhuri kids saw that humans are violent on the television. They believe this because it’s the only way the media depicts humans. (Chapter 8)

Chapters 9-12

Reading Check

1. Criminals (Chapter 9)

2. Laughter (Chapter 12)

Short Answer

1. Lan’s dad’s supervisor was violent, not Lan’s dad. The Krik stood up for him. (Chapter 11)

2. Marf and Ezger see human videos. Marf enjoys the comedy shows while Ezger enjoys Ila’s singing. (Chapter 12)