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We're Not from Here

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2019

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Exam Answer Key

Multiple Choice

1. B (Chapter 1)

2. A (Chapter 4)

3. D (Chapter 6)

4.  A (Chapter 7)

5. C (Chapter 10)

6. D (Chapter 12)

7. B (Chapter 15)

8. C (Chapter 19)

9. B (Chapter 20)

10. A (Chapter 22)

11. C (Chapter 26)

Long Answer

1. The final chapter of the novel shows members of the four species on Choom interacting in a positive way and having fun. It shows that, in the absence of hateful propaganda, members of those groups can get along despite their differences. (Chapter 27)

2. Lan’s comedy causes the nearby Zhuri to stop swarming and laugh until they are pushed back into the swarm. Ila’s singing causes a stronger emotion than the anger feeding the swarming Zhuri. Both reactions imply that positive emotions are stronger than negative ones and that negative emotions draw fuel from the negative emotions of others. (Chapters 25-26)