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We're Not from Here

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2019

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Exam Questions

Multiple Choice and Long Answer questions create ideal opportunities for whole-book review, unit exam, or summative assessments.

Multiple Choice

1. What are Lan, Naya, and Jens a little famous for on Mars?

A) Singing

B) Making movies

C) Inventing a food substitute

D) Saving golden retrievers from Earth

2. What color is Choom’s sky?

A) Green

B) Blue

C) Red

D) Purple

3. Which species’ food do the humans like?

A) Zhuri

B) Krik

C) Nug

D) Ororo

4. What does Zhuri anger smell like?

A) Gasoline

B) Menthol

C) Rubbing Alcohol

D) Mint

5. Who does Marf say dislikes emotions?

A) All Zhuri

B) The Krik

C) The Zhuri government

D) The Nug

6. Why does Ila say she’s going to stay home in Chapter 12?

A) She’s depressed.

B) She’s scared.

C) She didn’t do her homework.

D) She’s going to take care of dad.

7. What was the main reason the Zhuri let the Nug live on Choom?

A) The Nug were desperate.

B) The Zhuri were interested in Nug culture.

C) The Ororo and Krik told the Zhuri to take in the Nug.

D) The Zhuri didn’t have a reason.

8. What did Marf make for Ila?

A) A microphone

B) A stage

C) A guitar

D) A television

9. Who brings Lan and Ila to school after the Executive Division decides not to?

A) Their parents

B) Leeni

C) The government

D) Marf

10. What does Lan smell right before the guard passes out in Chapter 22?

A) Menthol and rubbing alcohol

B) Bleach

C) Gasoline

D) Honeysuckle and mint

11. What’s the first song Ila sings in Chapter 26?

A) “Under a Blue Sky”

B) “Tomorrow”

C) “Home, Sweet Home”

D) “Wonderful World”

Long Answer

Compose a response of 2-3 sentences, incorporating text details to support your response.