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We Are Not Free

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2020

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Before Reading

Reading Context

Use these questions or activities to help gauge students’ familiarity with and spark their interest in the context of the work, giving them an entry point into the text itself.

Short Answer

1.Many Voices, One Story: A Multi-Perspective Reading List” begins with a brief discussion of storytelling by several voices and perspective-switching in novels.

To begin with a more general discussion on point of view in literature, this resource article includes descriptions of viewpoints and examples from fiction.

2. Many factors affect the ways in which people endure conflict, such as age, lived experiences, gender, family and upbringing, and cultural background. List additional factors you think of. How might people maintain personal strength in the face of tragedy, injustice, or hardship? Why might people have responses on these topics that vary greatly?

Teaching Suggestion: This question is designed to introduce the theme of Gaman: Dignity and Endurance. Consider having students share their own definitions of terms like honor, endurance, strength, and dignity in pairs or small groups before discussing the wide variety of human responses under difficult situations.

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