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Pride and Prejudice

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1813

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Answer Key

Volume 1, Chapters 1-3

Reading Check

1. Mr. Bingley (Volume 1, Chapter 1)

2. Lydia (Volume 1, Chapter 2)

Short Answer

1. She complains to Mr. Bennet frequently and has a temper when she doesn’t get her way. She is silly and criticizes Kitty for coughing because it disrupts her nerves. (Volume 1, Chapters 1-2)

Volume 1, Chapters 4-6

Reading Check

1. The former Mr. Bingley made his money in trade. (Volume 1, Chapter 4)

2. His pride (Volume 1, Chapter 5)

3. Charlotte does not think Jane is showing Mr. Bingley enough affection. (Volume 1, Chapter 6)

Short Answer

1. Mr. Bingley sees everything in a positive light. He enjoys the Meryton ball, and he thinks the girls at the ball were among the prettiest he has ever seen. Mr. Darcy, in contrast, found no enjoyment in the ball and thought the people were without beauty or fashion. His disposition is more reserved and more negative than Mr. Bingley’s. (Volume 1, Chapter 4)

2. He was critical of her and the townspeople previously at the Meryton ball. In her mind, his disposition is one that is typically critical. (Volume 1, Chapters 3-6)

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